Khuddakapāṭha | Short Passages

This, the first book in the Khuddaka Nikāya (Collection of Short Discourses), appears to have been designed as a primer for novice monks and nuns. In nine short passages it covers the basic topics that one would need to know when beginning Buddhist monastic life; many of the passages also serve as useful introductions to Buddhist practice in general.

  • Introduction
  • Khp 1  Saraṇagamana | Going for Refuge  —  The standard passage for taking refuge.
  • Khp 2  Dasa Sikkhāpada | The Ten Training Rules  —  The novice’s training rules.
  • Khp 3  Dvattiṁsākāra | The 32 Parts  —  The list of body parts that is used in contemplating the body to overcome lust or pride.
  • Khp 4  Sāmaṇera Pañhā | The Novice’s Questions  —  A short catechism of basic Buddhist concepts.
  • Khp 5  Maṅgala Sutta | Protection  —  A list of the types of skillful behavior that give blessings and protection.
  • Khp 6  Ratana Sutta | Treasures  —  The many treasures to be found in the Triple Gem.
  • Khp 7  Tirokuḍḍa Kaṇḍa | (Hungry Ghosts) Outside the Walls  —  The conditions under which hungry ghosts live, and a blessing for dedicating merit to them.
  • Khp 8  Nidhi Kaṇḍa | The Reserve Fund  —  Where is the safest and most productive place to stash your wealth?
  • Khp 9  Karaṇīya Mettā Sutta | Goodwill  —  The practice of developing universal goodwill: the practices that form a foundation for the practice, the attitude of universal goodwill itself, and the steps that lead from goodwill to awakening.